Helper Testimonial

Here is what one of our Helper’s Ani thinks about our agency.

My name is Ani Hristova Giocheva and I have been working for this agency for one year and eight months. After starting work I realised in a short space of time this change was a happy one.

Antoinette  Daniel, who is the Director of Just Helpers; together with other Managers, Yana Yaneva, Yana Sahieva, Monika Ivanova are very responsive and helpful and understand all of the Helper’s who make up the whole team. They really are wonderful, they appreciate our work and know how to manage us, so we can work and be happy. In every way they try to help us with everything. I can say that they are real professionals.

For me, this is the best agency in the whole of England. I’m working for Just Helpers because they make everything very easy and very good for us. No stress, no stress!

In every situation we have always been supported, I’m saying this because I’ve worked for other agencies where I’ve been very unhappy.

At this stage I do not know what I would change or improve about Just Helpers because everything is good.

The remuneration in this agency was one of the crucial reasons why I started to work with Antoinette. From the first moment I started with Just Helpers, the price that we were paid was always higher than the other agencies as we are paid the London Living Wage.

We earn additional rewards when we’ve done a better job of cleaning more difficult items.

Just Helpers is a team of great people with very large hearts. I just adore this agency and I’m very happy to have found it.