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Here is what the Dynamic Duo, Valeriya and Ekaterina think about our agency.

“If I had to describe the culture of Just Helpers it would be love and the attitude would be kindness.

It is always a pleasure to work with people who show such professionalism, honesty and open mindedness. All the managers would never let a Helper down. I wouldn’t change a thing but it wouldn’t hurt if Just Helpers grew BIGGER 😉 

Even if we are not strong in all skills, we are encouraged to try again and improve ourselves with time. It’s such a joy to see the bonus in your salary when we ‘do the right thing’

Problems?! Who doesn’t have them? We are a group of great independent women. Any time we have a problem, we cover for each other and with the help of our managers together we find solutions to every problem.  Together we are stronger and with all of the support, there isn’t a problem that can not be solved.

Just Helpers is not just an agency, it’s a FAMILY.”