So you’re hiring a cleaner. How can you tell if they are right for the job?

Here at Just Helpers we are cleaning experts. Here are seven questions we ask when we are interviewing for our Helpers. 

1. Tell me about something you are proud of in your life

This is a great way to start your interview. It often gets candidates talking about their family, their interests, and what they do in their spare time. You start to find out something about them.

2. What are the top 3 cleaning products you would recommend?

With this question you’ll find out what’s important to your candidate when it comes to cleaning, and whether those priorities fit your needs. Are their favourite products eco-friendly, or very strong, or pleasant to use? 

3. What order would you clean my bathroom in and why?

This is a great test of cleaning expertise. An experienced cleaner will know how to clean your bathroom efficiently and effectively, and leave it sparkling clean.

4. What is your system for avoiding cross-contamination?

Again, this question is all about cleaning expertise. If you will be providing cleaning materials yourself, how would your candidate keep materials and equipment they use in the kitchen, separate from those that they use in the bathroom, for example? If they will be bringing equipment with them, will they use fresh sets of cloths for each household? 

5. What are you top 5 favourite cleaning tasks in order of preference?

This is  good way to find out whether your candidate actually enjoys cleaning! If your cleaner enjoys and takes pride in their work, it will shine through in their answers here (and in your beautifully clean home).

6. What task do you least like to do?

If your candidate hates ironing, but you know this will be a big part of their work, that might be a problem.  How do they keep motivated with the tasks they don’t enjoy?

7. What insurance do you have and what does it cover?

This is a really important question. Put simply, you need to know that your cleaner is insured if they hurt themselves, hurt someone else, or damage something while they are cleaning for you. 

More tips

Even after you have selected a cleaner, it’s a great idea to agree a trial period initially. This gives you chance to see whether your chosen cleaner is a good fit for you and your home, and to see their work in action.  

Our Helpers are more than just cleaning experts, and we ask all of this and more as part of our rigorous selection process. 

If you want to take the hassle our of hiring a cleaner, Why not let us find you a Helper?  Click the button below to get in touch with our team. 

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