Are you experiencing COVID Chaos? Your home should be a comfortable, calm sanctuary where you can relax. But right now, there’s a good chance it feels anything but that! It’s time for a Spring clean.

Mounting Clutter

If you’re home schooling, you’re probably looking at a sea of paper, felt-tip pens, and folders. If you have younger children, you can add junk models, play dough, Lego, plus all the usual toys. It’s like the school holidays multiplied by ten – and it’s been going on for weeks.

With lockdown in place, you don’t have the incentive of friends dropping by to keep your space tidy.  And the clutter soon mounts up. 

Plus, you might be working from home yourself. Trying to focus on work amidst all this clutter is frustrating. And if your partner is working from home too, it’s double the stress.

You might be feeling overwhelmed, and out of control.  It’s no wonder we’re all suffering from COVID chaos – and it’s taking its toll on our wellbeing. 

Take back control

There’s lots of evidence that a cluttered environment can increase levels of stress. Right now, we are all spending more time in our homes, so creating some calm with a Spring clean can have huge benefits. 

Many of our clients are booking extra hours for their Helper, so they can get back some much-needed order and control.

A Helping Hand

As we move into Spring, there are lots of of stress-relieving tasks your Helper can do for you, to help you feel more organised and in control of your space.  Here are some examples of popular Spring clean services:

  • Deep clean kitchen cupboards and drawers
  • Reorganise specific areas or rooms
  • Transitioning your wardrobe for Spring
  • Blitz the ironing or laundry
  • Clean your windows
  • Deep clean your oven

Back to School

We are all hopeful that our kids will get back school in the next few weeks, so it’s time to dig out the school uniform and PE kit and make sure it’s ready for the big day. Created a new ironing mountain? No problem – your Helper has got that covered!

Out at Work

If your home is empty during the working day, your Helper can Spring clean your space while you are out. You’ll return to a sparkling clean and tidy home –  and we can even bring our own cleaning products and equipment. 

Moving House

Spring is a popular time for moving house. If you’re planning a move, you’ll know that all that packing, organising and de-cluttering can be stressful. 

Our Helpers can give you back some time by taking some of those tasks off your hands. As well as cleaning, we can help with unpacking in your new home. After all, we know your home almost as well as you do! We can organise your new kitchen just the way you like it. 

If you own a rental property, we can help with an End of Tenancy clean so everything is gleaming, ready for your new tenant. 

Declutter Yourself Calmer

Sometimes, spending some time organising your space can give you a sense of order and control. If you would like to try some decluttering yourself, take a look at the Marie Kondo Method.  

But if you’ve got enough on your to-do list, and you need a helping hand with your Spring clean, get in touch.

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