When your clothes are bursting out of your wardrobe but you can’t find anything to wear, it’s time to get organised! Here are my top tips for streamlined clothes storage.

Make a plan
What are you going to do with clothes and accessories you no longer need? You’ll feel happier letting things go if you know they’ll have a good home.

Try these:

  • Get friends together for swapping session. Find out how, here:
  • Make money on eBay. Here are some tips for selling success, from Money Saving Expert. This is especially good for those impulse sale purchases that still have the tags attached.
  • Donate clean, good quality items to your local charity shop.
  • Try “Shwopping” with M&S and you could receive Sparks points!

A little at a time

It’s tempting to start by dragging everything out. However, this can be overwhelming. Plus, if you run out of time, you’ll be left with an even bigger mess!

Start with one area of your wardrobe, such as drawers, shoes, or bags.

A Clean Start

Take out all the items in the area you are tackling. Begin by vacuuming. Wipe out drawers and dry thoroughly.  Polish mirrors and doors.

Dressing Up

Try things on. If something doesn’t fit, lay it to one side. Don’t dismiss items you think you don’t like. You might rediscover a gem! And don’t forget to try on shoes – our feet change shape with time, so those heels you’re saving for a special occasion might pinch now.

Make Do and Mend

Most people have things in their wardrobe that they are not wearing because of a broken zip, or a missing button. Separate these to take to the menders.

Thanks for the Memories

A special outfit might hold precious memories, but if it’s something you no longer wear, it becomes clutter. Try taking photos of these items instead.

Beautifully Organised

Now you can start to put things back in a more organised way.

  • Store out of season clothes in a box under your bed.
  • Maximise your storage. Could you add some drawers under your hanging rail? Or a shoe-rack? Boxes are perfect for belts and bags – treat yourself to a matching set.
  • Try hanging up bags and scarves. Add adhesive hooks to the back of doors.
  • Invest in good quality coat-hangers to keep your clothes in shape.

Regular Reviews

Reverse all your coat-hangers. Then, as you hang something after wearing it, put the hanger the right way round. After a few months you’ll be able to see which items haven’t made it out of the wardrobe. Do you still need them?

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