Whether it’s on the carpet, bedding, or your favourite undies, a blood spill doesn’t need to be a drama. Here are Just Helpers 9 tops tips for cleaning up blood without the stress – (and you won’t believe number 7).

1. Act fast

It’s much easier to clean up blood before it dries. Take action straight away for a quicker, simpler clean up.

2. Wear gloves

If the blood isn’t your own, wearing gloves is a sensible step against possible inspection. Pop on a pair of rubber gloves, or use the gloves from your first aid kit, before you get started.

3. Blot, blot, blot

Get rid of the excess as quickly as you can, before the blood can soak into the fabric. Use a clean tissue, handkerchief, towel, whatever you have to hand, and get blotting.  

4. Don’t rub

Gently blotting is the way to go. Don’t be tempted to rub, or you could spread the stain as well as rubbing it INTO the fibres. 

5. Cold water only

Always treat a blood spill with cold water. Hot water can set the stain making it much harder to shift. Use cold water to rinse he blood out of the fabric or carpet, and blot it well. Keep repeating.

6. Use a white cloth 

If you can, use a white cloth to blot the area as you treat it. It will be much easier to see the blood lifting out of the fabric, and you won’t risk transferring colour from your cloth.

7. Take an aspirin

If you take aspirin for your period cramps, try crushing two tablets and mixing in water to make a solution. Blot this gently onto the blood spill and watch it lift the stain away. 

8. Try the gentle approach

Don’t be tempted to reach straight for harsh chemical cleaners or bleaches. Gentle, natural remedies such as salt, lemon juice or white vinegar can be just as effective in lifting out the stain, and are less likely to damage delicate fabrics or carpets. Always do a patch test first in an inconspicuous area to check colourfastness. 

9. Prevention is better than cure

Shifting blood from your mattress is tricky, so it’s worth investing in a mattress protector which you can pop into the washing machine. If you’re prone to nose bleeds, a pillow protector is also a great idea. 

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