This month is Plastic Free July. So how can you reduce the plastic in your cleaning cupboard?

A glance down the cleaning aisle will tell you there’s a lot of plastic bottles, sprays, sponges and more out there. But there are eco-friendly alternatives too. Here are our top tips for plastic free cleaning.

1. Refill to Reuse

There are lots of great options if you want to reuse your existing plastic bottles by refilling them. This is an even more planet-friendly option than recycling, as it uses less energy.

We love Splosh, where you can order letterbox sized, super-concentrated refills of everything from bathroom and floor cleaner, to kitchen cleaner and washing up liquid. There’s even shower gel and hand wash too. Buy Splosh’s own sturdy bottles, or rinse and refill your own. 

Other order-online refill options include Ocean Saver and Smol . However, we haven’t tested these ourselves so we would love to hear your experiences!

And don’t forget you can also refill your cleaning products in many local stores, so take a look on your local high street. 

2. Reduce: Recycled Bottles and Concentrates

Just Helpers favourites Method use 100% recycled plastic in their bottles, as well as offering refills so you can top up when you need to.

And we also love Ecover, who use recycled plastic in their bottles. Find Ecover refill stations in many local eco-friendly stores.

Changing to plastic free cleaning is not just about detergents and bottles. It’s also about all those cloths and sponges we use – and there are some great reusable alternatives here too. Look out for washable sponges and cloths from e cloth or compostable options from EcoVibe .

3. Plastic Free Traditional Recipes

I’ve been experimenting with some chemical free, plastic free cleaning product recipes and I’ve got some great results!  I’ve been sharing these traditional cleaning methods with local WI groups to spread the word. Try these for yourself.

Wood Polish

  • 1 part vinegar
  • 1 part oil (olive, almond, or my favourite  – walnut)
  • A few drops of essential oil

Mix together and use straight away or store in a bottle. Then apply with a soft cloth and polish with another soft cloth. I love this one.

All Purpose Cleaning Spray

The vinegar in this recipe cleans and acts as an antibacterial agent, and the smell dissipates quickly, especially if you add essential oils of citrus peel. Use this on most hard surfaces including glass.  

  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 part warm water
  • A few drops of essential oil (I use geranium as it makes me feel positive and relaxed), or drop in orange or lemon peel. 

Store your products in a glass bottle with a trigger spray so you’re totally plastic free.

These recipes offer eco-friendly, plastic free cleaning, plus they are cheaper than the usual shop bought products. So they save you money, and help save the planet too.

Let us know if you try these recipes. We would love to hear your verdict.

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