As your team returns to the workplace,  you might be feeling anxious about how to keep everyone safe and minimise the risk of spreading the virus. Here are some simple steps which you can take to be COVID-secure.


Assess the Risk

Start by identifying the risks in your business and then look at how these can be removed or controlled.


Talk to your team

Many people will be looking forward to getting back to work, but others will be anxious. You can help by explaining the steps which you are taking to work safely. It’s a great idea to ask your team members for ideas and suggestions too. Look after your team’s mental wellbeing with regular check-ins.


Take it online

With a little creativity, you might be surprised by how much of your business you can take online. At Just Helpers we now conduct our sales visits online with a virtual site tour. Our clients love taking the starring role!


Vary your work-day

Varying the time that people arrive and leave your workplace makes it easier for people to maintain social distancing.

This is also a great opportunity to introduce more flexible working for your team. Your early-rising “Larks” will appreciate the chance to make the most of their morning with an earlier start, whilst your later-rising “Owls” will thank you for a little longer in bed.

Staggering times for breaks and lunchtimes will also reduce the number of people in the canteen, kitchen or rest areas. Take advantage of the good weather and encourage your team to take breaks outside.


Hygiene Stations

Provide hand washing facilities for your team. This is especially important when people arrive at work and before they leave, and outside enclosed meeting rooms. Sanitising hand gel is a good alternative if hand-washing isn’t possible. You could also consider providing disposable face masks.


Clear Signage

Make sure that social distancing is at the forefront of everyone’s mind with clear signs throughout the workplace. Think about:

  • Door signs to remind your team and any visitors as they arrive
  • Floor signs to encourage distancing as people move around
  • Hand washing reminders.


Social Distancing

There are simple steps we can take to help maintain social distancing at work.

  • Work side by side rather than face to face
  • Remove chairs and space desks 2 metres apart
  • Provide shields at tills and customer service desks where face to face contact is unavoidable
  • Limit movement around the workplace, and sharing of equipment.

There are some really useful  signage and other equipment from Bromley Printers, here:



Feel confident that your workplace is hygienic – hire a great cleaning team. At Just Helpers we can do a one-off “back to work” clean, or provide you with regular service to keep the spread of bacteria at bay. All of our Helpers have undertaken a CPD verified infection control qualification.

Take a look at our COVID response to see the measures we have taken to keep our Helpers, Clients and Managers safe at this time.

Get in touch if we can help you make your workplace COVID Secure.

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