If you’re planning to get away this summer, you’ll want to make sure you are keeping yourself and your family safe from COVID-19. Here’s our Just Helpers essential COVID travel kit checklist  – tick them off so you can relax and enjoy your break.

Before you go

Whether it’s a short break in the UK or you’re venturing abroad to a green list destination, you’ll want to be sure that your accommodation is COVID safe. For staycations, Visit Britain have created the “We’re Good to Go” standard. Where you see this logo, whether on a booking website or in a venue, you can be confident that COVID measures are in place. Visit the website to find out more.

If you’re travelling abroad, ask your tour operator what precautions you can expect to see, and if you’re booking independently, don’t be afraid to ask before you hand over your money. 

It’s always sensible to organise travel insurance before you go on holiday, and that’s true now more than ever. Check that your policy covers you for COVID-related risks.

What to Pack

Even if you’re travelling light, there are some COVID travel kit essentials which you can pack in your hand luggage so you’ll have them during the journey and when you first arrive. 

We are probably all carrying hand sanitiser with us now, so make sure you have a small bottle in your bag. If you are flying, make sure it doesn’t exceed the size limits for liquids which you can carry with you. 

We don’t usually recommend disposable anti-bacterial wipes, but a small pack for emergencies is a good idea when you’re travelling. Use them to wipe down tray tables, arm rests, loo seats, or other high touch areas. 

You are going to need a supply of masks for the journey too. Take spares so you can change your mask to freshen up on a longer trip. 

On arrival

If you can, buy a bottle of cleaning spray and a reusable, washable cloth which you can use during your stay. Wash the cloth in hot soapy water and leave it to dry overnight. You can also wash your cloth mask in the same way. 

Where you are using shared facilities, for example on a camping site, use your hand gel before and after and wear your mask where practical. If in doubt, a quick spray and a wipe with your anti-bac spray will make sure everything is clean. 

If you are self-catering, give yourself extra peace of mind by washing dishes, utensils and cutlery before you use them. If there’s a dishwasher available, you’ll hardly need to lift a finger to know everything is clean and sanitised. 

Relax and enjoy

You’ve waited a long time for your break, and you deserve to relax. Take these few simple, sensible precautions, but above all, make sure you enjoy your holiday.

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