I have been a huge fan of Delphis Eco cleaning products for years. And so I was thrilled when the company was granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM King Charles III.

Delphis Eco have held a royal warrant for 10 of their 17 years, first to Queen Elizabeth II and to King Charles when he was Prince of Wales, supplying cleaning products to the royal household in both the kitchen and household departments. Now they have been included in the first 145 companies to be granted a Royal Warrant to the new King.

Discovering Delphis Eco

Our relationship with Delphis Eco is almost as long. It began 8 years ago when Monika found a bottle of Delphis Eco limescale remover in a dusty corner of her local corner shop. Monika (one of our great past colleagues) came into the office with glowing reports about her new discovery, and wanted us all to try it. This brand was new to us, and at first we were skeptical. But Monika persisted. She even made a video to demonstrate the product in action. Then she brought in a bottle for me to test for myself. And it has been my go-to limescale remover ever since.

Recommended Range

Since then, we have recommended the Delphis Eco range to our commercial and domestic clients. We use them in our deep cleaning services and in our intensive end of tenancy cleans.

I use them in my own home too, and I have so many favourites. As well as the brilliantly effective limescale remover, I also love the XFactor Cleaner which is especially good for removing scuff marks and stains from hard surfaces.

Delphis Eco also have a full range of commercial cleaning products. They are the trusted range used by our friends at ethical commercial cleaning specialists Clean For Good.

Eco Credentials

We all know that His Majesty the King is a passionate advocate for nature and green issues. And so it is no surprise that Delphis Eco have been leading the way on sustainability in their own industry. Their product range is plant-based, with no animal testing and none of the harmful ingredients which can be found in many other cleaning products. So they are safer for you, your family, your pets, and your cleaner.

The company’s founder Mark Jankovich spent 6 years to develop the infrastructure to make their 100% recycled bottles entirely from British post-consumer plastic waste (mainly milk bottles). This means a big reduction in carbon emissions, because plastic is not imported from overseas for recycling. Soon the triggers they use will be 67% recycled plastic.

The concentrated refill range also means less packaging and less waste. Your trigger bottle is designed to be used again and again – 10,000 times in fact.

A sustainable future

It has been so exciting to see Delphis Eco’s success over the last few years, and I am delighted to congratulate them on their Royal Warrant. I can’t wait to see what they do next to change cleaning products for the better.

If you want to try their range for yourself, you can buy direct from their website, or from Waitrose.

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