One of the biggest challenges in the cleaning industry is finding software to support smooth operations.

With the cost of living crisis, as cleaning businesses we want to keep overheads low. And we are all facing challenges in recruiting both cleaners and admin staff, so efficiency is more important than ever.

That’s why we are creating “Justly” – a specialist cleaning industry software solution.

As the founder of Just Helpers, the ethical cleaning agency in London, I know the challenges involved in running a cleaning business. So I’m working with experts to develop a cleaning industry software solution that works for me. And it will work for you too.

We are talking to colleagues in other cleaning businesses to understand their needs, as we develop this brand new cleaning industry tech solution. 

Justly will free you from juggling spreadsheets, giving you more time to build your business. And a tech solution which makes everyone’s life easier will keep your team happy too.


Justly includes features such as:

  • Customisable onboarding stages for clients and cleaners
  • Smart scheduling for your cleaning business
  • Time tracking for cleaning operatives
  • Intuitive Matching for clients and cleaners
  • Programme optimising for your team – to reduce travel time and carbon footprint, and maximise efficiency.
  • Plugins to your favourite accounting packages
  • Apps for cleaners and clients

Justly has been developed especially for cleaning businesses like yours. Plus you can customise Justly to suit your needs. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and makes communication between your team members a breeze, wherever they are.

Accessible for All

We want Justly to be accessible to all cleaning businesses, whatever their size. So Justly has a “pay as you grow” model, You pay per scheduled hour of cleaning in the system. And this means that even micro businesses will be able to benefit from Justly. 

Get Involved

We would love to know – what would YOU like to see us incorporate into Justly?

What would be your dream features in a cleaning industry tech platform?

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