Life as a mum is all about the juggle. And there’s often a good dose of guilt thrown in there too.

But why do we feel guilty about getting help with cleaning at home?

The parent juggle

Whatever age your kids are, the cycle of family, work and the household chores can feel never-ending. We’ve all got to Sunday night and realised there’s nothing to put in the packed lunches. Or the PE kit is still in the bottom of the laundry basket (complete with mud), and there are no clean shirts in the wardrobe.

After a full day of work, school run, negotiating with tantruming toddlers or grumpy teens, and trying to cook up a balanced meal that everyone will eat, no-one wants to start on the cleaning. Throw in an unexpected visit from the in-laws or the neighbour with the pristine home, and you’ve got a recipe for a big portion of guilt (not to mention exhaustion).

Domestic Goddess?

With social media feeding us images of the domestic goddess, making beautiful memories with her beautiful children, it’s easy to think we should be able to handle it all. But the truth is, many parents are struggling under this daily juggle. So don’t you deserve to get some help with the cleaning?

Daily delegating

We might feel we should be able to do all of these tasks ourselves. But actually we delegate all the time. When is the last time you did your own oil change? And many of us are still having nightmares about trying to teach our children. That’s a task that’s definitely best left to the professionals. Hiring a cleaner is just another form of delegating.

Getting help with cleaning

And getting help with cleaning can transform your life.

  • Reduced stress: Imagine coming home to a clean and tidy space. No more last-minute cleaning sprees before guests arrive, or feeling overwhelmed by piles of laundry.
  • More quality time: Instead of spending precious hours scrubbing floors, you can spend more quality time with your family. Settle down to watch a movie. Go for a walk in the park, or just sit and chat – without feeling guilty about the cleaning.
  • Increased productivity: A clean and organised home will actually save you time. It’s easier to focus, and you will waste less time looking for things lost in the chaos. You might even feel more productive at work, knowing you can come home to peace.
  • Teaching valuable lessons: By getting help with cleaning, you can teach your children valuable life lessons about teamwork, responsibility, and appreciating the work of others. And you can still give the kids a few chores of their own, – safe in the knowledge that the professionals are on their way.

Final thoughts

On this Mother’s Day, why not ditch the guilt and be a little kind to yourself. And if that means getting help with cleaning, then you deserve it!

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I’m Antoinette and the CEO of Just Helpers Cleaning Agency. I’m passionate about social justice and empowering people to find their joy, work from a place of strength and positively impact the world around them. When not trying to save the world 😉 I love cooking up a storm in my kitchen and eating and chatting around a table with friends. Find me at

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