When you bring a cleaner into your home, trust is a big issue. So what do you do if that trust is broken?

If you think your cleaner is stealing from you, it can be a really difficult situation to handle. 

Sarah’s Story

Sarah* noticed first that a bottle of perfume was missing. She thought maybe she had misplaced it.

Then, she couldn’t find a bag containing a new top and some receipts. She was sure she had left it on her bed.

She asked her cleaner if she had seen the bag. The cleaner said the bag only had receipts in it, so she thought it was rubbish and threw it away.

Sarah found the bag in the bin – but the top was missing. 

When Sarah started to look, she realised quite a lot of her clothes were missing – around £500 worth.

Then, she saw a picture of her cleaner on Facebook – wearing her dress. 

Friends said she should go to the Police. But Sarah didn’t know her cleaner’s address, and didn’t think the Police would take any action. She didn’t feel comfortable confronting her cleaner. So she stopped the cleans, and changed the locks. 

But it left Sarah feeling upset and let down. 

If you suspect your cleaner is stealing from you, what should you do?

You suspect your cleaner is stealing

When something seems to have gone missing in your home, it’s easy jump to the conclusion that your cleaner is stealing from you.  But it’s worth taking a minute to consider the alternatives:

  • Is the the item definitely missing?
  • Could it be simply misplaced? Search thoroughly and check with other family members to see if the item can be found
  • Who else has been in your home? Could other contractors or visitors have picked up the item, accidentally or deliberately?

Make extra sure of your facts before concluding that your cleaner is stealing. 

Agency Cleaners

If you have arranged your cleaning through an agency, you should let them know straight away that you think your cleaner is stealing from you.

You can expect the agency to respond with sympathy and understanding, and they should remove the cleaner from your home. 

When you are looking for a cleaning agency it’s essential to make sure they have robust insurance to cover losses in this type of situation. 

Individual cleaners

If you have a direct arrangement with your cleaner, and you think they are stealing, you should go to the Police straight away. Contact your household insurer to make a claim. 

It’s a good idea to check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered for theft by someone who you have allowed into your home. We recommend policies underwritten by Hiscox.

Don’t be afraid to terminate your cleaning if you are in any doubt. It is so important that you trust people who are coming into your home – especially if you are not always present when they clean.

A note of reassurance

When you invite a cleaner into your home, trust is at the forefront of your mind. And the vast majority of cleaners are trustworthy. As a cleaner, it is simply not worth breaking that trust and risking your whole livelihood. 

In eleven years working in the cleaning industry, over 99% of the people I have worked with, have proved to be honest and trustworthy.

So with some sensible precautions, you can have confidence in your cleaner, peace of mind, and a clean home. 

*true story of a client before they came to us. Names have been changed

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