If COVID19 has taught us anything, it is about the power of connecting for good. So, what can you do in 2022 to bring good connections into your life and work?

Socially Distanced

During the pandemic, we have all been asked to maintain “social distance” to help to slow the spread of the COVID19 virus. That might mean standing 2 metres apart in a queue, or sitting apart on a bus. At times, it has meant staying indoors or working from home. 

And it has been tough for all of us. We have missed coming together with family and friends, whether to celebrate, or to support one another through difficult times. We have missed chatting with colleagues over a coffee, or exchanging news at the school gate.

Staying Connected

However, whilst these measures have sometimes kept us apart physically, we have all learned the importance of staying connected in other ways. We’ve learned how to hold a birthday party over Zoom, and we’ve discovered the positive power of social media to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. 

In our communities, many of us feel more connected now than we did before the pandemic. Whether through volunteering, checking on vulnerable neighbours, clapping on the doorstep or shopping local, we have discovered the value of connecting for good.

As well as supporting others, research has shown that these connections have helped us to maintain and even improve our wellbeing. People who got involved in volunteering were more likely to feel a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Even people who helped by offering small, informal acts of kindness improved their own mental well being. Helping other people helps us to feel better too. 

Valuing People

As well as helping others, we have formed connections through valuing people. Our emergency services and the NHS have always been valued, and rightly so. But during the pandemic we have recognised other, unsung heroes – our shop workers, our transport workers – and our cleaners. 

As we go into 2022, at Just Helpers we want to continue to harness the power of connection. We want to translate that recognition of the importance of low paid workers such as cleaners, into meaningful action. 

Better Together

We  are connecting with those businesses in our industry who, like us, are taking a stand against modern slavery. We will be celebrating the work of Radiant Cleaners in Nottingham, supporting people experiencing poverty back into work, and our Living Wage commercial cleaning running mates Clean4Good here in London. We will be collaborating on our common purpose, because we are stronger together. 

We will continue to champion the London Living Wage and encourage other businesses to become Living Wage Employers. We will carry on our campaigning work for change in the cleaning industry, so that decent pay and decent working conditions become the norm, not a rarity.

I will be hosting an event with the Good Business Club in January, to help London businesses who are doing good things to form a network. If YOU would like to attend, you can find more details here:

I hope this will be the first of many opportunities to make good connections in 2022 – because together we can change the world for the better.

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