There’s something about September which feels like a fresh start.

Perhaps it’s that “new pencil case” feeling from our school days. It’s a time to make plans, embark on new projects – and for reconnecting with your why.

Our Why

At Just Helpers, we try to keep our why at the centre of everything we do. Yes – we are all about delivering exceptional cleaning. But our WHY is about changing lives. We want to make the world a better place – one clean at a time.

For us, this means:

  • Good working conditions and fair pay, with the London Living Wage, for you Helper
  • Mentoring and supporting our people to help them to reach their potential
  • Donating a percentage of our profits each year to charitable causes.

You can read more about why I founded Just Helpers in this recent article from The Sun.

When you arrange your cleaning through Just Helpers, you are contributing to our “why” too, so thank you!

What is your Why?

With the busyness of everyday life, rushing from A to B, juggling work, managing the home, family responsibilities, friends, and interests, it’s easy to lose sight of what is important to us. Why are we doing all this? What is it all for?

September is a great time to take a moment for reconnecting with your why, and to make sure you are making it your focus. 

A great place to start is to think about the things and people in your life that you really value and that make you happy.

Focus on your Why

For example, if you work hard all week because you want to be able to make great memories with your family, are you making it a priority to spend quality time together?

If you love spending weekends with friends, are you making sure these are in your diary?

If you really value spending time on creative projects, or reading, or getting outside in nature, and you putting aside time for these activities?

There are some useful tips on reconnecting with your why from Tony Robbins in this article.

Focussing on your why can make it easier to make decisions. So before you accept an invitation, or say “yes” to a project, ask yourself – how will it contribute to your Why? Does it help, or does it get in the way?

Free your time

Finding time for reconnecting with your why can be a challenge. There are so many different priorities and demands on our time, and you might even feel guilty for taking time out to focus on what is important to YOU.

A simple step such as booking your cleaning with Just Helpers can make all the difference.  Our Helpers are cleaning experts who can keep your home sparkling clean and tidy, so you don’t have to. 

 As well as regular cleaning, we also offer specialist or one-off services to help with tasks such as

  • Window cleaning
  • Blinds cleaning
  • Carpet and soft furnishing cleans
  • Deep cleans.

You can relax knowing your home is clean, calm and organised. Plus, you are helping Just Helpers to change lives for the better. 

Give yourself space for your WHY this September – click below to contact our team today. 

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