We tested Splosh – eco cleaning products with super-concentrated refills which come direct to you, through the post.

Read our Splosh cleaning products review to find out the Just Helpers‘ verdict and how it works.

Step One: Order your cleaning products online.

There’s a great range including kitchen and bathroom cleaner, laundry detergent and fabric conditioner, and washing up liquid, There’s even hand-wash and shower gel so you can wash yourself too! The products arrive through the post in durable plastic bottles, ready filled.

Step Two: Order Refills

When you’ve used up your products, you are ready to order your refills. It’s easy to order and there’s even an app so you can do it while you’re on the go.  The refills come in a super-concentrated, slim pouch which fits easily through the letterbox.  Conveniently releasing you to get on with your day rather than waiting in for the postman.

Step Three: Refill Your Bottles
Part fill your empty bottles with warm water, then add the concentrate and shake to mix. Each pouch is enough to refill your bottle several times.

Step Four: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
By refilling, Splosh claim you reduce your plastic waste by 90%. Yes, you heard it right! 90%! Plus – you can send the empty pouches back for recycling – which means a massive 97.5% reduction! If your reusable bottle breaks, Splosh will replace it for free.  All of this makes us smile here at Just Helpers.

The Just Helpers Verdict

Splosh products are easy to use and they smell great. We chose Clementine and Lemon Kitchen Cleaner, and Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid, which both have a lovely zingy, citrus fragrance. They cut through grease very effectively, and we found them kind on our hands, too.

We also tried the Spearmint and Melon Bathroom Cleaner. We loved the fresh minty fragrance, and it whizzed through the bathroom cleaning with ease – it even tackled limescale!  Sticking with the minty theme, we chose Mint and Green Tea Handwash – another fresh fragrance that was nice to use.

Refilling – Ordering refills was really simple, and they arrived quickly. We thought the packaging was well designed and it was great to see that the outer cardboard can also be recycled. Refilling our existing bottles was a very simple process, with clear instructions on the back of the concentrate pouch.

As well as the eco benefits, the concentrate pouches take up much less room in the cupboard than full size bottles – so you are saving space as well as saving the planet.

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