Running an ethical business means I’m not only caring for our Helpers and Clients I’m trying to care for the environment too. Thankfully there are some brilliant brands out there with the same idea.

Method is one brand that has particularly caught my eye over the past year. They are not only ethical but they have also made small efforts to brighten the normally drab or over promising, ‘shouty’ world of cleaning products by adding lovely colours and scents to their range. And to top it all they are actually effective at cleaning. I am currently working my way through a range of their products and am delighted at every turn!

Take their Anti-bac all-purpose cleaning product for example – incredibly good for… well, many things really. I spritz down our toilet seats, it’s great for cleaning in your baby’s bedroom, handy for cleaning light switches and other high traffic areas.  Along with its reassuring cleaning properties, the rhubarb smell transports me to the sweet shop of my childhood where I would queue for a weighed out bag of rhubarb and custard sweets (showing my age now ;-))

And if you need a product for dealing with a well-used kitchen, I would highly recommend the Kitchen cleaner. It ably cuts through grease, has done a great job of cleaning my hob following an overflowing pan of boiled potatoes, and restores my high gloss white cupboards to their shiny glory. I know I keep commenting on their smells, but really, the lingering scent of clementine makes you want to lick your counters too.

Most supermarkets stock some of the Method products but Tesco’s currently has the largest range. You can always use to compare prices between the main stores and spot any deals.

Why not experiment by using one or two products from this range with your Helper. Ask your helper to share our tips on great cleaning products like Method, which would work in your home.

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