We are often asking our Helper’s clients for feedback.

This helps us to improve our services and the services of our Helpers as well as offer any new clients the chance to find out what we are really like! The best way to find honest feedback straight from the clients themselves is to go to our Facebook review page. We’ve also decided now and again to publish a more thorough case study of a client journey with Just Helpers to give our readers a bigger picture, this time we’ve interviewed Charlotte, thanks Charlotte!

How long have you had a Helper with Just Helpers?

1 year exactly!

What made you decide to get a cleaner?

I’ve always thought a cleaner was a luxury we didn’t need. However, when I was pregnant I just couldn’t use any cleaning product without it making me sick so the flat was descending into chaos! I knew of Just Helpers and that they use experienced cleaners and pay the London living wage. So decided to go straight to them for a quote. I’m no longer pregnant, but the flat is so much nicer than when the cleaning was left to us… so we are still with them!

Describe your experience of the first home assessment and how it made you feel about Just Helpers

When Antoinette looked around our home I felt she quickly had a good idea of what we needed help with. She suggested that we needed a Helper in for 2.5hrs every fortnight for our space and needs. Initially I thought that was too much. Antoinette explained that she wanted to make sure we had a genuinely clean home after each visit and that things were kept on top of. After a year with regular fortnightly cleans I can say that Antoinette was completely right. If we ever miss a clean it makes a huge difference. I’m glad Antoinette helped us see what was best rather than just going with what I initially wanted.

How do you feel about using a cleaning agency as opposed to a private cleaner?

Very pleased. I wanted the accountability that an agency gives to check and train the cleaner coming into our home. I also like the fact that you can trust the agencies reputation to know that any replacement cleaners will be of the same standard.

Describe some of the experiences you have had with your helper directly

I often work from home or I am looking after my son so I’ve had lots of interactions with both of the Helpers I have had. They have both been friendly and diligent and always let me know if there is something particular they need. In particular, I find my helper is kind and patient even when we come back into our newly cleaned flat and she sees my 7 month old son throw his lunch over her beautifully mopped floor and she recently set up a selection of toys in his cot to play with when he got in, which he loved!

We had a misunderstanding with our first helper when we gave her a back door key but the following week she came in through the front door! We realised that she had picked up a set of spare keys and we hadn’t realised or wanted her to have them. But management were really helpful and sorted the misunderstanding out the same day and returned the keys. Our change in helper came about when our initial cleaner had to leave Just Helpers, one more reason that it is great to use an agency rather than a private individual!

You mentioned the London Living Wage. What does it mean to you that your Helper is paid the London Living Wage?

It’s so important that everyone in London is paid fairly. It seems quite common that those especially from overseas come to London to find work and are underpaid and exploited, which is dehumanising. So I’m happy to pay a bit more to value the excellent work that is done in my home and hopefully support someone working hard to provide for their family.