Being a business that values people is an important part of the Just Helpers’ way. For Tech Project Manager Kim, this means she can balance her family’s needs with having a rewarding career. This is Kim’s story.

Working for Just Helpers
The opportunity to work for Just Helpers Cleaning Agency came at the perfect time for Kim. “I’ve know Antoinette for a while and she asked me if I was interested in helping out with some tech stuff as she knew I was looking for a change of pace,” explains Kim.

Coming into the business, Kim felt at home straight away because Just Helpers values people. “I’ve worked for several different companies in my career and culture is what I value most,” Kim says. “At Just Helpers we have a fantastic culture where everyone respects each other and we listen to each other’s ideas.”

For Kim, it’s also about working for a business that has ambition and which values people and the part they play in achieving it. “It’s really nice to work for a small company that wants to dream big, think big… but we can’t do it alone. We all have to work together,” she says.

Shared Values
It’s also really important to Kim that the she works for a business which fits with her own values. “It was easy for me to learn the culture because we are so aligned,” she says, “we just do the right things and it’s really refreshing.”

Fitting with the family
In her role with Just Helpers, Kim is able to work from home – something which makes a big difference to Kim and her family. “It mean’s more ‘me time’ in the mornings,” she explains.

Even more importantly, remote working means Kim can continue her career when her family needs to relocate. “If my husband gets opportunities in other places in the world, Antoinette trusts me and allows me to work form those places as well…so right now I’m in Bulgaria!” says Kim.”It means I can still have my own career and feel like I am part of an amazing team.”

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