At Just Helpers, it is part of our ethical ethos to support and mentor our Helpers to achieve their potential and fulfil their personal goals.  For Yana, this meant becoming a manager. This is Yana’s story.


Working for Just Helpers

Like many of our team, Yana found out about Just Helpers through word of mouth. “A friend of mine was working as a Helper,” she explains. “She told me amazing things about Antoinette and the experience she had with Just Helpers, so I decided to give it a go!”

Balancing work with becoming a first time mum has been Yana’s biggest challenge, but she received lots of support. “Antoinette was very patient, giving me extra time,” says Yana.  This investment has proved to be worthwhile because Yana is even more committed to Just Helpers as as a result. “Actually this was the reason I decided to stay and gain extra knowledge, and to prove myself and my commitment to the agency,” she says.


Moving from Helper to Manager

Becoming a manager has always been one of Yana’s goals. “This was something that I really wanted to do and I had many conversations about it with Antoinette,” she says. “I really wanted to prove to Antoinette that I can do the job.”

Yana recognises that the support which she had as a Helper has contributed to her development as a manager. “When I first came to the agency, I was making a lot of mistakes,” she explains. “Antoinette was going through everything with me, and setting challenges for me. So when I became a manager I knew what to expect from the clients and what to expect from the Helpers.” 

Yana’s experience as a Helper meant that becoming a manager within the business was a natural next step – “it gave me what I needed to move forward and to grow.”


Goals for 2020

Yana’s commitment to Just Helpers shines through in her vision for the rest of this year, following the Covid-19 lockdown. “I want to help Just Helpers to come back stronger than ever,” she says.

With such a great team, and our amazing clients, we can’t wait to see what the future holds. To find out more about what makes Just Helpers special, visit our website.