If you have been noticing your sink or bath plug draining a little slower than it used to then act now!

Professional drain unblocking services are costly and can be avoided if you follow these simple tips:


Assuming you haven’t inherited bad drains from previous tenants or owners there are small things you can do which will prevent blockages:

  1. Do not pour animal fat or coffee granules down your sink, scoop them into your bin
  2. Buy a strainer that fits over the plug hole to catch pesky bits of food that end up in the dishwater
  3. *Squeamish alert* Pick out hair from the plughole regularly to stop build-up. You can even buy a ‘drain snake’ to pull the hair out.


So it’s got pretty bad. There’s still hope. There are two options for you depending on the severity of the situation (or the strength of your stomach):

  1. Chemical: If you have some drainage in the offending sink, you might want to opt for the cheaper option of a chemical unblocker, the best-reviewed product that we always recommend is the Kitchen Buster Plughole Unblocker. Be aware, the fumes are terrible so keep the doors and windows open and don’t hang around watching it work!
  2. Mechanical: Several foolproof devices are available on the market for DIY pressurised unblocking. In cases where nothing is going down the sink at all this may be your only option. The Power Plumber Instant Drain Cleaner is getting great reviews and won a Which? Best Buy award in 2009. A pricier option, but what price would you put on rank water riddance?