I have to make a confession straight off the bat, as all who know me well, will know that the last time my iron was sighted was circa 1903!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a well-ironed piece of clothing or better still bedsheet, but running my own business has meant that time for such luxuries has gone out of the wind.

We asked the expert opinion of two of the best ironers from the Helpers, and here’s what they had to say about some time-saving features that help to get you that perfectly smooth finish:

A comfy handle – In order to ensure that you don’t feel too much discomfort as you embark on your Sunday evening ironing marathon, check that your handle is suitable for you. It helps to have a soft or smooth handle, and one where the grip is not too wide enabling you to hold it comfortably for long periods of time.

Steam Generator v Steam Iron – You are probably wondering what the difference is between the two! A steam iron is markedly smaller and cheaper, so it’s the better choice if you’ll be ironing small amounts of clothing, or don’t have storage space for a larger steam generator iron – the best steam irons put out an impressive amount of steam, so can be as effective as their counterpart. If you can pay the premium (normally well over £100) and want the largest steam output, and would also rather spend less time refilling your iron – then the bulky water tanks of a steam generator iron (as recommended by our Helpers) are a far better fit. The best steam generators produce significantly more steam, meaning that you whizz through those stubborn wrinkles in no time. So if budget and space aren’t a concern, then a steam generator is for you.

Self-cleaning  – As we have already addressed the issue of limescale in another blog, a self-cleaning iron, especially in London with the pesky hard water might be a serious consideration for you. The amount of steam your iron produces can be severely impaired by the build-up of limescale over time. Most irons come with a built-in limescale filter, but some don’t, and these irons will clog up really quickly. This is the case where a little bit more spend on a iron with a limescale filter, might save you a few more pennies in the future.

Spray button  – Is a standard feature on most modern irons but should not be underestimated. The extra water boost is essential in helping steam out stubborn creases.

Luxuries include Auto-shut off – This helps cancel out that panicky feeling when you have left the house that you have accidentally left the iron on. If you like me, are always in a rush, then this could be the mind-saving feature for you. If your iron is not moved for a while, then it is programmed to automatically shut off. A useful feature, guaranteeing peace of mind.

The Lamborghini of the irons 🙂

Vivian and Vanya from the South West have said that the Philips Perfect Care Elite Steam Generator Iron is the “Lamborghini of irons”. They love it because:

“It is our favourite iron because it is so light that you can iron for hours without feeling any pain in your hand. It has a large 1.8l tank and works at optimal temperature! We look forward to ironing when we find this in one of our client’s homes”

Maria who works in West London loves the Philips 7400 Series Pressurised Steam Generator

“This iron is efficient, lightweight and ergonomically designed. Excessive steam gives you the ability to iron with excellent results without much effort. An ironing table that has a stable stand and a solid heat-resistant coating is very important. Both are an excellent choice for any quality household”.

Happy ironing!

Our recommended irons and other options can be purchased from  John Lewis and Argos