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Choosing a Housekeeping Service

Choosing a housekeeping service is a big decision. So what should you look for?

With competing priorities of work, family, social engagements and organising the home, a housekeeping service can save you precious time. But when you are bringing housekeepers into your home, you will want the peace of mind that they are the right service for you. Here is our helpful guide on choosing a housekeeping service.


Managing a home is a considerable responsibility. As well as cleaning and caring for your furnishings, clothes, and belongings, your housekeeper may be making reservations for you, managing deliveries, preparing meals and more. You will want to ensure that you choose a professional housekeeping service, with fully trained, vetted staff so that you can feel confident while they are in your home.

At Liberty, our housekeepers are selected through a rigorous, 3 stage process. We invest in our team with regular training and mentoring to ensure our service is professional and of the highest quality.


Your housekeeping service should have the experience to be able to learn and anticipate your needs, so that everything runs smoothly. When you are selecting your housekeeper, make sure you ask about their previous work and clients.

Liberty team have over 50 years of combined experience in hospitality, and we share our expertise within our housekeeping team, through our training process.


Your life isn’t the same from week to week, and so your housekeeping needs will change too. You will need a service which can be flexible to meet those needs, whether that’s arranging specialist cleaning, preparing for guests, or arranging appointments. How quickly can you make a change to your housekeeping? How easily can you contact them?

At Liberty, our flexible range of options means our service is fully adaptable to meet you needs. Just contact the Head Housekeeper to arrange any changes.


Your home should be a calm, clean and organised haven to enjoy at the end of a busy day. You will want to be sure you are choosing a housekeeping service that delivers these results for you, on every visit. Will your housekeeper have enough time to deliver the service you expect, or will they be rushing and cutting corners? How will quality checks be carried out?

At Liberty, we are passionate about delivering an excellent service, and we are in regular contact with our clients to ensure they are delighted with our work. Our Head Housekeeper will visit your home to carry out spot checks, to ensure we are meeting our meticulous standards.


With a personal service such as housekeeping, an outstanding reputation is essential. Look for ratings on websites such as Trustpilot, or search our recommendations from existing clients.

At Liberty we are proud of the wonderful testimonials we receive from our clients, and they are available to read on our website.  Our sister company, Just Helpers, has a 5 star rating on Trustpilot, so you can be assured of our reputation for excellence.


It is a sad fact that the hospitality and cleaning sectors are often characterised by poor pay and working conditions. However, if you are a conscientious consumer – choosing sustainable, or organic, or Fair Trade – why should your housekeeping service be different? Ask any potential provider about their corporate values and how these are put into practice in their employment practices.

All of our people at Liberty receive the London Living Wage, as well as holiday pay. This is one example of how are values are at the heart of what we do.

If you want the peace of mind that comes with choosing a housekeeping service which is professional, high quality, and shares the values you care about, contact us now to become a VIP Founder Member.


Getting Down to Business This September

This September, more than ever, feels like a time for getting down to business. 

Whether you have school-age children, or your school days are a distant memory, September always has that “new pencil  case” feeling. But after 18 months of COVID chaos, and the changes in routine that summer always brings, now is the time for a fresh start, and new focus, and for getting down to business. 

Chances are you have been working from home during the last year, and you may be adapting to getting back to the workplace this September. Seeing colleagues face to face is a welcome change, but also means restarting some not so welcome daily tasks.

Laundering and ironing shirts and work wear, cleaning and polishing shoes, and planning, shopping and preparing for workday lunches are back on your to-do list.

Plus, your commute has suddenly taken back a chunk of time. Your work day feels longer, and you have even less time for you.

Getting down to socialising

This September will hopefully see a return to favourite leisure activities.  Sports clubs, bars and restaurants, and theatres are opening, and you are probably already seeing your diary fill up with all the social events and family celebrations which have been postponed over the last 18 months. 

September is often a chance to enjoy the last of the summer, with lighter, warmer evenings. It’s a chance to grab a game of tennis, or a round of golf, or after-work drinks outside. 

It’s about making the most of every moment of your time.

Staying focused

Before getting caught up in all these new demands, September is also a great time to take stock of your “why” .

Whether you work for a large corporation, or you have your own business, you are probably very clear on why you do, what you do, at work. 

Here at Liberty, our investment in our people is central to our “why”. We are proud that all of our team receive the London Living Wage as well as holiday pay and sickness pay, and we believe it is what makes our service special. 

But are you equally clear about your Why in the rest of your life?

Your Wellbeing

One of the unexpected pleasures of lockdown, as normal life and its business was suspended, was a chance to rediscover things we love to do. Maybe you reconnected with reading, or music, or working on your fitness.

Perhaps lockdown reminded you of how much you value time spent with friends and family, or perhaps you really missed the exhilaration of big collective experiences such as gigs, concerts or sports events. 

Keeping focused on your Why is a great way to maintain and improve your wellbeing. It helps you to ensure you are prioritising those aspects of your life which make you feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.

This article from Tony Robbins has some helpful pointers on how to reconnect with your why.

But we understand, this is more easily said than done. 

Liberty Can Help

In your work, you may often need to delegate tasks to give yourself the space to focus on your priorities – the “Why” of your business.

By bringing Liberty Housekeeping Services into your home, you are giving yourself the time and space for the things that really matter to you. 

We offer a range of flexible options to suit your individual requirements and our professional, handpicked team will listen to you, understand and anticipate your needs. 

Visit our website to find out more about how Liberty can help you stay focused on your Why while you’re getting down to business this September. 

We are welcoming VIP Founding members to our waiting list now. Register here to join the waiting list and find out more about our PRICE FOR LIFE exclusive membership.

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