Updated 01st February 2021

We hope that, in these unprecedented times, you and your household and colleagues are doing well. In light of recent events, we want to outline what measures we’ve implemented in order to ensure that we are operating and safely providing a Covid Secure service to everyone in our contact circle.

In their latest full Covid-19 publication on 04th January 2021, the government have asked everyone to stay at home unless your work is carried out in someone else’s home

  • Where and when you can meet in larger groups

    …for work, or providing voluntary or charitable services, where it is unreasonable to do so from home. This can include work in other people’s homes where necessary – for example, for nannies, cleaners, social care workers providing support to children and families, or tradespeople…=

  • Following the announcement on 01st February 2021 about the South African Variant in postcodes W7, CR4 and N17, the Government are strongly urging everyone who lives or works in those postcodes to get tested whether they are displaying symptoms or not.  All of our Helpers who live in these areas will be tested.  And all clients who live in these areas have been advised to do the same.  Currently this applies to a small total of 8 households across the company.

Below, we’ve highlighted some key points covering how we will continue to maintain a Covid Secure service. We’ve also explained what measures we’re adopting to keep all of the Helpers, Managers and clients safe.

We’ve divided this page into 3 sections with the acronym PPE, we thought that might be easy to remember at this time.

People Planet Economy


The physical and mental health and well-being of everyone in our community is our highest priority. To ensure this is happening, we are monitoring and following government guidelines and other industry specialists’ advice to make the safety of our people the highest priority when delivering any service and enabling everyone to be Covid Secure.

Helpers and Staff Team – Keeping you Covid Secure

  • Will all undertake a CPD verified Infections Control qualification
  • Will be regularly consulted about their health and well being
  • Will take their temperature and check for coughs each morning before leaving for work and will report any abnormalities. If their temperature is high or a persistent cough is present, they will not go to work. We will arrange for a substitute Helper to attend.
  • Any Helper returning from abroad from a non-travel corridor country will be quarantined for 14 days
  • Will be equipped with appropriate PPE equipment where necessary and expected to wear it correctly at all times. See here for the most up to date government guidelines.
  • Regular company wide briefings will be conducted should there be any relevant change in government Covid-19 legislation ensuring that we are following all Covid Secure guidelines.
  • Will maintain a minimum of 2 meters social distance from anyone they come into contact with outside of their immediate household.
  • Will properly ventilate any room they are working in
  • Will pay extra care and attention to clean high traffic areas with appropriate anti-bacterial solutions
  • Will pay extra care and attention to clean high traffic areas with appropriate anti-bacterial solutions
  • Will carry anti-bacterial hand rub and use that once they have exited their mode of transport
  • On entering your home will wash their hands with soap and water using the recommended technique for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Will remove their shoes on entry to your home and disinfect them, leaving them near to your front door
  • Will wash and disinfect their work clothes at the end of each working day.
  • There will be no team award events until it is deemed safe to gather in larger groups.
  • All office-based staff will continue to work remotely until social distancing rules are eased.
  • All team meetings will happen virtually
  • All management site inspections will happen virtually until social distancing rules are eased
  • Will upload and use the NHS Track and Trace App

Clients – Keeping Us Covid Secure

  • We are asking every client to firstly confirm that they are safe to have a clean, i.e. are not under any Covid-19 measures.
  • Each client will check for a temperature and persistent cough on their cleaning day
  • Will not be provided a cleaning service where an individual is being ‘shielded’ or has symptoms of Covid-19
  • Will be advised on the best equipment and cleaning products to stock in their offices and homes.
  • All new prices will now allow a Helper to take 4 weeks leave of absence during the year.


  • We will do our best to avoid using disposable plastic PPE equipment where possible. Sourcing best practice reusable/rewashable items if needed and where possible.
  • We will always give recommendations of tested-by-us eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions, ensuring that all anti-bacterial agents are also covid secure.


  • We want to recognise the efforts of the keyworkers in our community and will be offering a ‘key-workers rate for life rate’ because a keyworker is for life, not just a crisis! Please ask our enquiries team about this if you are a keyworker. And… Thank-you!
  • All payments will now be via Direct Debit to avoid us handling any cash or cheque payments.
  • For every hour of cleaning that is purchased, Just Helpers will make a donation to a B1G1 project with special focus on vulnerable individuals and our planet

See FAQs here

If you have any further questions please contact us directly

Updated 01st February 2021