Do you want streak-free, sparkling clean windows?  Read our tips for getting the perfect shine.

Choose your moment

The first rays of spring sunshine might motivate you to clean your windows, but it’s better to save it for a dull day. Too much sun can dry your glass too quickly, causing those dreaded streaks!


Before you start to clean your windows, take any ornaments or plants from the window sill.  Vacuum the window sills and frames to remove any dust or loose dirt.

If you’re carrying out an annual, deep clean, you might want to take down the curtains or blinds for cleaning too. If not, make sure your curtains are well out of the way so they don’t get splashed with water.

You will need:

There are lots of glass-cleaning products around, but often simple is best.   Washing-up liquid and warm water gets great results. In a recent test, Real Homes found our favourite Ecover washing up liquid to be best – it’s simple ingredients mean less residue, and less streaks.

If you prefer to use a spray, try mixing 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with water and using this to refill an empty spray bottle. It’s chemical free, natural and anti-bacterial. Don’t use this on painted frames or surfaces though as it can stain.

Professional window cleaners often use a squeegee to remove most of the water from the glass before drying the window. However, take care – you will need a towel handy to mop up the water or you can end up with puddles on the floor.

We recommend microfibre cloths, as they are great for drying glass without leaving streaks.  If you don’t have enough microfibre cloths, use the old-fashioned method and dry your windows with crumpled newspaper – it works a treat!

Top Tips

  • Dry your windows quickly after washing
  • Use downward strokes, not circles, to avoid streaks
  • Don’t use kitchen towels – they can break up leaving unsightly bits on the glass
  • Don’t try to clean exterior windows from a ladder – leave it to the professionals!